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Please read….

My good friend Angelo Sotira shared this the other day…..

Optical Illusions

Check out these really cool photos that are tricking the eye!

My coffee table books

A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs

I am sure many of you have already read the beautiful eulogy Steve Jobs’ sister published in the New York Times, but if you havent definitely give it a read because it gives a different perspective on one of the greatest men of our time.

The World’s Most Powerful People, 2011

The annual Forbes  list is out and it has a few interesting picks.

Must see Videos….

I just saw both of these videos and they are both incredibly entertaining. The first is of Kevin Durant playing flag football with some random frat kids at Oklahoma State University (amazing) and the other is Justin Bieber rapping at Power 106 in LA, both are awesome.


So the two songs that we kept hearing over and over in Europe last week were….. GET ON THEM NOW!! What the fuck!!

My favorite poem

Love this Robert Frost poem from my childhood days….still read it all the time.

Back to Pittsburgh

My brother, Omar Miller & I got invited to go to Pittsburgh this weekend to watch the Steelers stomp out Tom Brady & the Patriots, and guess what…. it happened, another incredible time at Heinz Field.

Zurich & Milano

A couple of weeks a good friend of mine Eric Dlux asked me if I wanted to tag a long with him to Zurich & Milan on some DJ gigs and obviously I went, what else do I got going on!! Our friend Johnny who is living in Barcelona joined us as well, what the […]