Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mas Malo

The HOT new restaurant in Downtown LA is Mas Malo, more like Mas Bueno, this place has some incredible vegetarian options with some real tasty salsa’s (try the hot habanero).  They even have a tequila option called Fortaleza that I have never had before and is extremely smooth and much better than the Patron Silver […]

What I want from a restaurant website

I tweeted this from SXSW last week when my friend showed this from the website TheOatmeal (very funny site), I still can’t stop laughing about it. It is pretty right on….

Songs stuck in my head….

Young & Reckless is killing it!!!!

Check out the video we just did with Alpine Stars & Machine Gun Kelly showing off the collaboration with Young & Reckless. Young & Reckless just has its pulse on the consumer and these two videos are great examples!!!

My New Favorite Blog….

I really hate to say this but my new favorite blog  was created by my least favorite person Kelly Orr aka Teen Hearts aka Creative Director of Young & Reckless, has created this wonderful blog about colors & I can’t stop looking it. Kelly also has a cool band called Teen Hearts, check out […]

Athletes First Classic Event 2011

So every year for the past 6 years we make the trek down to the beautiful St. Regis Hotel in Laguna Nigel to participate in our favorite sports agency Athletes First charity event.  They do an incredible event that supports a great charity called Orangewood, where all of your favorite NFL stars come out. Check […]

Adam Jones for Five Four

Five Four’s new campaign features MLB All-Star Adam Jones from the Baltimore Orioles. Adam and I have become good friends over the years and Adam was a natural fit for what we wanted to convey in our next campaign. Adam Jones is the quintessential Five Four modern gentleman; he is hard working, motivated, stylish and […]

50 Beautiful Pictures of the Super Moon

Check out some of my favorite pictures from this incredible post on Buzz Feed of the Super Moon this weekend. Incredible!!

LA Marathon 2011

The LA Marathon was yesterday & I found it incredible that the record for the marathon was broken in the pouring rain & more importantly tens of thousands of people finished the race in the torrential downpour….amazing! As a person who has participated in Triathlons & Half-Marathons, finishing in perfect weather conditions is hard as […]

What we do at work…..

Here is why our office is one of the funniest places on earth, check out this Young & Reckless video with my buddy Jackson…DYING OF LAUGHTER!!