Cash Money Grammy Party

We got the privilege of attending the Cash Money Grammy Party Saturday night which I can safely say was the party of the year. If you know me at all, you know that I go to A LOT of the parties but as a fan of rap music this is was the top of the tops. Besides the 2 hour impromptu performance by Lil Wayne ,we were also treated to performances by Jay Sean, Kevin Rudolf and the legendary Busta Rhymes.  What made the event even more special was able to see my friend Clay Matthews fresh off his Super Bowl victory and hear Lil Wayne drop Green & Yellow while all of us went wild!! YMCM 4 LIFE! Special thanks to Josh Berkman (Cash Money) and good friend Nidhish V.
My iPhone pics are below. Better pictures here:
Also the story here:

IMG_1259 IMG_1237 IMG_1244 IMG_1249 IMG_1252  IMG_1256

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