My Weekend in Pittsburgh

  Thanks to Larry & Stephen Paul for being the most amazing hosts & giving Omar Miller and I the most incredible football experience of our life. As you can see below we had next level access, got to witness a stunning comeback victory for the Steelers against the Ravens for the Divisional Title, and then we were immortalized at Morton’s Steakhouse with a picture on their famed wall. I am officially a die hard Steelers fan, uh huh you know what it is, black & yellow, black & yellow……Pittsburgh 002 Pittsburgh 003 Pittsburgh 004 Pittsburgh 005 Pittsburgh 006 Pittsburgh 007 Pittsburgh 008 Pittsburgh 009 Pittsburgh 010   Pittsburgh 013 Pittsburgh 014  Pittsburgh 019 Pittsburgh 020 Pittsburgh 031 Pittsburgh 030 Pittsburgh 021 Pittsburgh 022 Pittsburgh 023  Pittsburgh 025 Pittsburgh 026 Pittsburgh 027 Pittsburgh 028

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