Hong Kong ain’t got nothing on us!!!

Here are the first round of pictures from Hong Kong, to say our trip to Asia was “EPIC” is an understatement, thanks to my friends I had a very memorable 30th birthday.

HK4 HK2 hk3 P1010363 P1010255 P1010256 P1010261 P1010265 P1010288 P1010289 P1010290 P1010296 P1010297 P1010306 P1010310 P1010311 P1010315 P1010320 P1010323 P1010324 P1010325 P1010331 P1010332 P1010333  P1010338 P1010342 P1010344 P1010347 P1010349 P1010350 P1010353 P1010358 P1010359 P1010361 P1010362 manila

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