Monthly Archives: August 2010

My New Toy

I picked up the Olympus Pen E-PL1, it is a compact camera with 12.3 Megapixels, 720p HD Movie with a 2.7″ LCD Monitor and a host of other features like interchangeable lenses. From what I gathered it seems like a step above point-shoot camera but one step below DSLR Cameras. It is priced really well […]

Sunset Strip Music Festival

This past weekend I continued my music festival binge by hitting the Sunset Strip Music Festival which had an insane line up of people. Here are few notables Slash w/ Fergie, Smashing Pumpkins, Kid Cudi and my new favorite John West.  I was really excited to see Kid Cudi perform but I was really disappointed […]

Jay Sean **NEW VIDEO** 2012


My buddy Nick Sakai from CRSVR Santa Barbara just sent me the link to this ill CRSVR Las Vegas MIXTAPE, really good music so you REALLY need to download this!

Another great marketing effort by Young & Reckless

Check out this video we did for Zumiez for the national launch of Young & Reckless. Great job by the Y & R team on executing this great project.

USC outranks UCLA in everything

It was bad enough that we have been kicking UCLA’s ass in sports for the last 50 years, but now we are officially anointed as the smarter school.  Newsweek just reported their annual rankings of the best colleges and USC came in at 23rd and UCLA at 25th. Full article at LATIMES.COM. FIGHT ON!

A pictures is worth a thousand words

As my friends and I prepare for my 30th birthday next week in Manila & Hong Kong, I find out about this horrible hostage situation where an ex-policeman takes hostage Hong Kong tourist and eight people are killed.  Check out this unreal picture courtesy of the WSJ. On a more positive note, check out this […]

Charles Barkley is really bad at Golf.

On Shaq’s ABC show “Shaq Vs.”, he battled Charles Barkley in a round of golf. Here are some of the highlights, these two guys are hysterical and Shaq actually won!!

Is this the new normal?

Just read an interesting article that discusses how the recession has made such an enormous impact on the economy that some of the things that we considered normal are no longer normal and the new norm has been created. Here are the Five Things that the article states are the new normal: Long Term Unemployment, […]

Why China is far from the world superpower?

China might have the worlds money & natural resources on lock down but the fact that they have had a traffic jam for nearly 10 days that stretches 60 miles, tells me they are far from ready to take over the world. People have been bathing, eating & sleeping in their trucks for the past […]