High fashion, NO THANKS!

I was reading this article today on the The Cut Blog on how “couture is slipping off peoples radars”, no shit! The article talks about how major fashion houses like Givenchy & Chanel are opting to do smaller viewings rather than big fashion shows, because of the economy and they think there customers don’t want to come to big fashion shows anymore. I am really sure nobody wants to go to a big fashion show in Paris with the most beautiful & famous people in the world!! The sad part is that people in fashion more importantly HIGH fashion are completely delusional.  They have to realize they need to adapt to new times or they will be eliminated.  This cleansing happens in every industry and the global economic downturn has changed the consumers appetite and made room for guys like Forever 21, H & M, Zara, Aeropostale and many more to become the new faces of fashion.  One of the reasons I am going on this rant is because last night a guy in the “fashion” industry was telling me that if we (Five Four) really want to make the move into Paris runways & high fashion I should talk to him on using his services. First of all, if we wanted to be in high fashion we would be, secondly there is no money in the future of high fashion have you opened up the paper lately!

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