What happened to the Economy?

I have been operating my business (Five Four) for the last 8 years, we started right after 9/11 and we went through a series of challenging economic times but I don’t remember anything being as tough as it is now. I know the media & the government make it seem like things are improving and  I guess that is good for the psyche, but there are still more layoffs, foreclosures, and weak consumer spending.  This is more prevalent in my own city of Los Angeles, which I think is one of the worst hit in the country.  My issue isn’t that I can’t endure tough times, my issues is that I don’t see a way out of this recession. I feel like in previous times in American history there was a catalyst that would drive us out of a recession, maybe war or even a new industry, now all I see is that globalization will pave the way for other countries to become dominant in certain industries.  I still believe that the brain trust & creativity that feeds the world comes from America, but it isn’t as clear how we can financially benefit from that as a small business. It won’t be much longer before the Chinese & Indian master everything that Americans are good at, except for maybe Professional Sports, but I am sure they aren’t far behind on those either. 

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