Monthly Archives: June 2010

White Women’s Workout

This could be one of the funniest videos I have seen in a long time, please watch!!

Summer Shoes

Summer is upon us, so that means pool parties, BBQ’s and most importantly day drinking.  Once you already have all your hot summer Five Four gear, the next step is to have the right shoes.  For the price, style, and the reactions you will get, Sperry Topsiders(approx. $70) are the only way to go.

Yelawolf-Drama Beats-Lambo

Speaking of white rappers, Drama Beats produced a banger for Yelawolf called “Lambo” and they shot a video last week, check out the behind the scenes.  The video is perfect example of why Young & Reckless is on the verge of really staking its claim in young men’s fashion!

Eminem sells 741,000 units first week

If you want to know why Eminem is the best, here ya go, he sold 741,000 albums his first week and most of his fans already had his album.  Here is a prime example of how if you have good product you will be be REWARDED!

Forever 21 Times Square

It is so nice to see that Forever 21 just smacked New York fashion in its face with a 90,000 square foot space in the middle of Times Square.  This store is expected to attract a 100,000 + visitors a day, 600 employees, 152 dressing rooms, 32 registers, welcome to the new King of American […]

BET Awards

Last night my brother & I went to the BET Awards courtesy of William “J Dubb” Smith and saw some amazing performances but the highlight of the show was Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson, WOW is all I have to say, he is definitely back! We also found it interesting that Kanye West got […]

What a Friday night!!

This past Friday was a perfect example of how great Los Angeles is, in one night I went to the launch of my friends magazine MH+L where he had Ron Artest & T-Pain perform his hit song Champions and then we went to the Los Angeles Coliseum to check out Electric Daisy Carnival with a […]

Long Live the KING!

Don’t sleep on this MJ classic, “Who is it?”


What an amazing match this morning USA vs. Algeria, though I was alone in my room watching this, I have never gone this crazy for a sporting event. Check out Landon Donovan’s goal to beat Algeria in the 92nd minute. I was even more impressed with how humble Donovan was in the post game interview, […]

Elon Musk: Broke Iron Man?

Would you believe that Elon Musk was Jon Favreau’s  inspiration for the movie Iron Man since he is actually a rocket scientist and more importantly a successful entrepreneur (founder of Paypal, Tesla Motors, Space X).  The crazy thing is that he is completely broke, luckily Tesla is about to go public (IPO) next week which […]