Jerry Weintraub’s Book

I was recently given Jerry Weintraub’s (mega Hollywood movie producer & deal maker) book “When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead” and I cannot put it down.  Mainly because I can relate to the way he has lived his life and more importantly how he thinks about life, and the paragraph below is what struck a chord with me:

“I did not like school. I was crazy about sports, especially football, and liked girls, and being around other kids, but the classrooms, where you had to sit and listen because the teachers were in charge-not for me. Maybe I thought I knew too much, had too clear a picture of the world and its hierarchies and where public school teachers fit into those hierarchies.”

In all my years of attempting to read a book I never found a paragraph or even a sentence that resonated with me enough to want to know what the author was trying to get across.  There is something about Jerry Weintraub and his stories of life that has me wondering and how the rest of my life will turn out.  I definitely recommend this book for free thinkers, entrepreneurs, and people that don’t follow the norm. 

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