How to make it in America? Lesson 2


There is an old adage that “it is not what you know, it is who you know”, I strongly feel that this doesn’t apply anymore considering the current economic conditions. My new way of thinking is “who you know, what you know, and how well you know it.” I only say this because today’s global economy is so competitive that there are millions of ultra connected & highly intelligent people that are willing to exhaust all their resources to be successful.  So it is great your father is CEO of XYZ company, but the world is so easy to connect that anyone can meet anyone and become friends with them overnight, and your father’s network is now less valuable.  You also need to realize that networking is not just knowing people, but more importantly building a personal relationship so that you can call that person your “friend”, because most people will do anything for a friend, no questions asked. 

I am not really going to even address the “what you know, how well you know it” part of the saying, because if you are not SMART no one is even going to want to know you in the first place. 

I started building my network aggressively at age 18, and to this day I am still close to many of those people, who have gone on to become powerful & successful business men & women.  All I can say is that please don’t waste your youth, get out there & meet people with a purpose. 

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