The new HBO show How to Make It in America had its season finale last night and the show has peaked my interests in several ways, the first because it is a story of two young guys hustling the streets of New York to launch a premium denim line (boy do I know that story all to well, kind of eerie in fact) and the 2nd is the dynamic between the two friends that become business partners, something I have been experiencing with my business partner in Five Four Andres Izquieta for the last 8 years.  The struggles of these two friends are very entertaining, but they are nothing compared to what we faced when starting our business. So every week I am going to share some thoughts that they touch on the show, because I have A LOT to say in reference to the daily issues of these two entrepreneurs.

Lesson 1: Coming up with an Idea!

When starting a business and more importantly a business in fashion it is so important that you formulate a concept that has a clear customer and is focused on a niche. The days of targeting the masses is too hard for a small business to succeed, however focusing on a group of people that is easy to reach and developing a product that excites that core group or even fulfills a need for that audience gives you a higher likely of succeeding. It is too hard to be everything for everybody, FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!

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  1. Parag
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    Love the feedback. Can’t wait for more lessons!

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