Healthcare in America

I am definitely no expert on Healthcare or on any public policy issue for that matter, but I do understand that life is about withstanding all opposition to make something you believe in happen – i.e., a power move. President Obama made a power move for his Presidency, the Democratic Party & the people of the United States yesterday when he signed the healthcare bill into law.  Yes, this is going to cost a shit load of money, but so did the ridiculous war we’ve been fighting for nearly a decade when Bush made his power move without much to show.  At least Obama is attempting to give 32 million people health care, which a lot would argue is a much more immediate and relevant need for Americans today.  Like Bush and any other major player trying to make their mark in history, Obama had to push this healthcare bill through if not only to show his political power.  The right wing will say anything that Obama does is wrong just to gain control and power back, which I don’t fault them for.  It is unfortunately part of the game.  But too bad for them this was a MAJOR blow to their power struggle in this country.  I would go out on a limb and say that this bill has almost ensured Obama a 2nd term because it definitely shows his base he has “balls.”  And if life has taught me anything is that people love to hop on a bandwagon, and the Obama wagon better make room quickly. 

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    def agree on the bandwagon. 2nd term is pretty much locked in.

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