Arnel Pineda: Journey

Does anyone else find it interesting that the lead singer of the famed Journey band is a small Filipino guy from Manila?? During the Pacquiao-Clottey this past weekend, Pineda sang the Filipino National Anthem and was introduced as the lead singer of Journey.  As soon as I saw this, I went online to do some research and I was pleasantly surprised that Journey asked Pineda to join Journey to be their lead singer after they saw some videos from Youtube and had him audition in Northern California.   Although this happened in 2007, I just found out about this, so I am still excited about it.  This whole story reminds me of the movie Rockstar with Mark Wahlberg, where Wahlberg is asked to replace the lead singer of his favorite band that he used to cover for years.  The story got me excited because it just proved anything is possible!

Here is the story on Oprah!

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