Super Bowl in Miami Part 1

I have come to the realization I have been living a very privileged life as a result of my many years of hard work, so when I had an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl in Miami last week with my brother & Omar Miller, I took full advantage.  To give you the short version, I was able to attend NFL Media Day, NFL Commissioners Ball, Hotel 944 with Drake, ESPN Party with NEYO/Keri Hilson, Hennessy Black Penthouse, MAXIM Party, NFL Super Bowl Tailgate, and of course the Super Bowl!! As you can see we had way too much fun, here are some pictures from my iPhone.IMG_0286 IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0289  IMG_0291  IMG_0293 IMG_0294 IMG_0295 IMG_0296  IMG_0298 IMG_0299   IMG_0302 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0305  IMG_0307 IMG_0308 IMG_0309

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