6 year anniversary of The Hundreds

There are few people in the clothing industry that I consider close friends and that I look up to like I do Bobby and Ben of The Hundreds. They started around the same time as us and have experienced a lot of the same ups and downs that Five Four has experienced.  Last night was their 6th Anniversary party for the brand and they had a big neighborhood party at their flagship Fairfax store.  It is amazing how they have created a whole culture and community around the brand, and more importantly how they have converted that into a successful business. Congratulations guys, we all have come a long way from the first LA Agenda show at the California Mart.  Bobby is a much better photographer than I am so check out their website for better pictures and recap. DSC05374
Bobby is the Korean Messiah in the hat, I think of him like a rockstar.
Ben and Andres talking about tacos in front of the store. Ben is like a human Zagat guide, I think he is going to be a big time restaurateur when he is done with clothing or maybe have a show where he critiques restaurants and tells us what his favorite dish is. 
The Tacos in discussion.
Gomez Warren, known him for 10 years and hasn’t stopped talking for 10 years. DSC05375
I thought this was an interesting sticker.

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