A day on the West Side of LA with friends

If you are lucky enough to live close to beach, you should definitely spend your weekends soaking in the sun.  Here is a very interesting day in Venice Beach and Santa Monica with some friends of mine. IMG_7676 - Copy
A hard working man that runs the corner of Sunset and Laurel Canyon, take care of him when you see him. 

IMG_7684 - Copy
My friend Ray Hughes showing me a picture of his client Verne Troyer with Olivia Wilde at Comic Con 2009

IMG_7689 - Copy
Met up with Jeremy Larner from the Fantasy Factory and he was describing Ray his previous night in Las Vegas at J’s Kitchen a great vegan restaurant on Abbot Kinney

Jeremy trying to pretend he is broke, far from it…….

IMG_7733 IMG_7694 - Copy
Brian Atlas, Ray, and Jeremy getting their drink on at Whalers in Venice Beach.
Bad parenting, lone little girl by herself on the beach.
IMG_7713 IMG_7716
This was a group of Indians playing volleyball or “bollyball” or “wallyball”, I can say all this because I am Indian!!!!
Ray stole this Jennifer Aniston pillow from the Entertainment Weekly party at Comic Con
IMG_7727 IMG_7728
One of my oldest and best friends Ali Fakhari  who was Valedictorian of USC, top of his class at Harvard Business School, but is completely out of control after two lousy glasses of sangria.

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  1. Barry Price
    Posted May 13th, 2010 at 12:50 am | Permalink

    Your drunk buddy (valedictorian) is absolutely hilarious. Great blog, btw. And, another ‘bte’, I’m from Toronto where I had lots of Hindu and Sikh buddies and I can;t find ANY Indians down here! What gives?! Where y’all hang out?

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